"How to get a loan to buy an office space?" the most asked question these days. Getting a home loan is just like a piece of cake but getting funds to purchase a commercial space is a bit tough task. Commercial property is a property that is used for business purposes ranging from a small shop to a huge shopping complex. Commercial property includes offices of all kinds, hotels, restaurants or convenience stores. It is considered as the best way to finance the purchase of offices for business as it gives you an easy access to capital.

What is Commercial Property Loan?

Commercial property loan is a loan that is taken to buy a property that is to be used for business purposes. While other loans like gold loan or say a credit card loan for that matter are typically made to individual borrowers, a loan for commercial property is often made to business entities such as corporations, developers, partnerships, and funds and trusts etc. This type of loan is a flexible and affordable solution with smaller term compared to residential loans. The property purchased will be taken as collateral.

How to Apply

Here is how can apply for a commercial property loan in India with few simple steps:

Features & Benefits

Commercial property loans comes with following features and benefits that makes it a so popular:

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