How to Get a 0% Interest Auto Loan

Posted on : 22-07-2018 15:38

You see the advertisements on television and hear them on the radio promoting the financing deal of a lifetime on a new car. While zero-percent interest on a car loan may sound appealing, it’s important to understand how these deals work, qualification criteria, and where to find them.

Zero-interest auto loans are offered by auto manufacturers to entice customers to buy a particular vehicle. These deals are designed to sell high volumes of select makes and models. But it’s highly probable that you’ll have to finance the vehicle in-house to snag the deal.

The primary benefit of 0% auto loan financing lies in the opportunity to save a bundle on what would’ve otherwise been spent on interest.

You also get the luxury of making payments over time, which allows you to maintain a healthy cushion or even invest the money so compounding interest can work in your favor.